Working remotely has always been my goal, and finally attaining a job that could pay me well enough to be able to travel at the same time was a dream. I had never wanted to be confined to working within an office, as I prefer a life without what I consider a mundane routine, and being a “digital nomad” has allowed me to bypass this.

While my work gives me much freedom, it does require me to prepare for uncertainties that may be minimized in an office environment. Here are my top 5 daily essential items that allow me live my life, productive and hassle free.


  1. A Waterproof Backpack

Believe me, this is worth its weight in gold when we are taking about waterproof backpack. With the amount of electronic equipment I carry around, investing in a reliable and stylish waterproof backpack was at the top of my list. I like to move from place to place while working, sometimes craving an inspirational view as a backdrop to my laptop screen, and this can often mean I work outside. If the weather decides to turn on me, it is essential that my backpack can ensure all my equipment is safe and secure!


  1. A Smartphone

With the speed at which mobile phone technology develops, there is little to differentiate the top brands, and that is why I am indifferent to whether I use an Android or an Apple phone. I currently use an Apple iPhone 7, which is essential for me to answer emails and messages, take photos, make digital payments, and keep up with the latest news on the go. In the worst case scenario, I could even write my articles on my phone, or at least use the phone as a portable wifi router. An incredible amount of tools in such a small item!


  1. Comfortable sneakers

These are what I consider essentials, especially because my days are noticeably less comfortable if my footwear isn’t up to standard. My current go-to is the Adidas Ultra Boost. Light, breathable, and with an incredibly comfortable sole that lives up to the hype, these can be worn all day on-the-go without your feet aching. For someone who travels a lot, and walks for much of it, a solid sneaker is crucial for my productivity.


  1. A Physical Notebook

Why is a notebook on my essentials list in this technological day and age? It’s because having grown up during a time when pen and paper were the main medium for writing, I still find it easier to remember what I have written down than what I have typed.

A beautifully crafted notebook from Moleskin always makes writing a pleasure, and gives me another option for writing or drawing up ideas when I am tired of staring at a screen. Personally, in terms of sketching, using a pen and paper will for the foreseeable future be my chosen method. I have yet to find any digital options that come close to the quality and accuracy of physical drawings, even with all its convenience.


  1. A Compact Waterproof Jacket

What use would having a waterproof backpack be if the wearer still had to bear the brunt of the rain? My go-to brands in terms of compactness, water-resistance, reliability, and style are The North Face and Patagonia. Extra points go the brand’s environmental awareness. Many times i’ve been a victim of a sudden downpour, even ruining my smartphones kept in my pockets, so for me, a waterproof jacket is an essential item.